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Ticketless System

Ticketless Text (SMS) Valet System


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Ticketless Text (SMS) Valet System

Valet Descartes is the only valet service in Chicago to offer a completely ticketless valet solution.


The First Ticketless Valet System

Ticketless valet technology will streamline your operations and offer a NEW way to valet.


Easy for Your Customers to Use

Our Text Valet System is so simple for customers to use, it will change the way customers valet.


Mobile Payment Option

Streamline payment processing by allowing customers to pay directly on their phone.

What Our Customers Say

“Fast, nice service. Liked the texting part and appreciated the pay by credit card.”


Dec. 12, 2017

“Love new app. First time using it and it was easy!!!”


Jan. 27, 2018