Case Studies

How Valet Descartes Raised the Bar


Parking Headaches

A downtown Chicago restaurant was competing with other area businesses for customer parking and their current valet service seemed to be making matters worse, not better.


No Parking

The restaurant is located in downtown Chicago, an area that has little to no parking available.


Garages Too Costly

Downtown parking garages are either too costly or too inconvenient to be considered a viable parking option.


Inexperienced Valet

Inexperienced valet service lacked the hospitality expertise, causing long wait times while frustrating customers and management.


Chicago Weather

Customers were forced to wait outside in the Chicago weather for drop-off and delivery of their vehicle.


Cash-Only Payments

The current valet service only accepted cash payments, forcing customers to dig through their wallets while waiting outside.


A New Plan

Valet Descartes developed a strategy to address the restaurant’s current issues so management could focus on more important aspects of the business.

Utilize Existing Relationships

Utilize long-standing relationships with parking garages and lots to provide close and reliable valet parking service for the restaurant.

Professional Staff

Provide highly trained, professional parking attendants with a focus on hospitality-based service.

Ticketless Valet Service

Institute Chicago’s only ticketless valet system to enable guests to request their vehicle right from their phone before they leave their table.

No More Overstaffing

Use our ticketless mobile platform’s state of the art scheduling software to ensure the proper staff-to-guest ratio.

Alternative Payment Methods

Accept credit cards using our ticketless valet platform, allowing customers to pay right from their phone, eliminating the need to pay with cash outside on the street.


Happier Customers

Customers are happy with the valet services offered by the restaurant, and thrilled with the new ticketless valet system.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Positive feedback about the restaurant’s valet service and the customer’s interaction with valet attendants has greatly increased.

Customer Convenience

Customers rave about the convenience of using our ticketless valet system, particularly being able to request their vehicle while still at their table and pay using their phone.

Faster Response Times

Using parking lots and garages that are closer to the restaurant has greatly reduced the wait time for customers.

Electronic Receipts

Restaurant customers appreciate receiving their valet parking receipts via email immediately after their transaction is complete.

Increased Feedback

Because the ticketless valet system automatically sends a survey via text, the restaurant has seen an increase in customer feedback.

What Their Customers Are Saying

“5 Stars! Really nice valet attendants.”


Jan. 24, 2018

“The gentleman at the valet was incredible! Hats off to him!”


Jan. 14, 2018

“Fast, nice service. Liked the texting part and appreciated the pay by credit card.”


Dec. 12, 2017

“Love new app. First time using it and it was easy!!!”


Jan. 27, 2018

“Anyone who has to stand out in the cold for more than five minutes tonight deserves an award. Thank you, gentlemen!”


Jan. 12, 2018

“Very good experience and love the technology.”


Dec. 15, 2017

“5 stars! Love the new valet experience.”


Dec. 13, 2017

“The valet attendants were awesome!”


Dec. 2, 2017

“Enjoy the text feature. More valet services should use it.”


Jan. 1, 2018

“Very nice young man, great service. You get 5 stars!”


Jan. 12, 2018

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