Commercial Service

Our Trained & Vetted Valets Are Ready to Service All Your Parking Needs


Valet Descartes has made valet parking at hotels easier than ever. Our Ticketless System allows hotel guests to drop off and pick up their vehicles in seconds. Hotel guests give their mobile number to the valet and then instantly receive a welcome text message. Since the transaction is saved on their mobile device they no longer have to search for paper tickets, giving them more time to relax.

Requesting a vehicle and paying for the valet service is a snap with our Ticketless System. Guests simply click a link when they’re ready. It provides guests with different options for paying their valet bill. They can pay using their phone or have bill charged to their room. Guests will appreciate the fact we’ve eliminated long checkout lines.

Two-way communication between valet and guest is also made possible. Now a special request such as “I forgot something in my trunk.” is easily handled via the mobile device.


As the nation’s leading professional valet parking service, Valet Descartes has extensive experience providing valet services for major office buildings and mixed-use complexes. Office building valet is one of those amenities that makes your business stand out. Retaining current tenants and attracting new ones can be very challenging for building owners and managers. Valet Descartes can give you the advantage over your competition when negotiating leases.


Going to the hospital can be a difficult experience and many patients and visitors are often worried and preoccupied. So why make things harder for them by making them drive around looking for a parking spot, or handing them a paper valet ticket that they could lose? The Valet Descartes Ticketless System is the perfect solution for the guests of healthcare facilities. It takes some of the stress out visiting a hospital, and also helps prevent bottlenecks near the front entrance.

Valet Descartes makes it easy for visitors to pay for parking using their mobile device so they don’t have to worry about holding onto a paper stub and getting it validated. Guests and patients can request their car in advance before they get to the door, reducing the time they’re waiting outside.

Garage/Lot Management

Valet Descartes offers custom solutions to your unique parking needs. Since no 2 locations are alike, we manage to your expectations by paying attention to the details. Your customers always come first, and we accomplish this by offering services such as rides to rental car pickup, jump starts, escorts to vehicles, and assistance with heavy baggage.

We’ve built technology into our business which allows us to reduce parking garage and lot management costs while providing a truly better service to you and your customers. Our services include arm gates, pay-on-foot, and cashier-less payment options.


After spending the day shopping, the last thing your customers want to do is wander around looking for their car, or drop everything and start rummaging through wallets and bags looking for valet tickets. Valet Descartes’ Ticketless System eliminates the hassle of paper tickets or long confirmation codes. With one­-click vehicle requests and mobile payments, car retrieval couldn’t be easier. We even support different drop-off and pick-up points, giving shoppers the freedom to request their car at a location other than where they dropped it off.

They can even request their vehicle ahead of time so it’s waiting for them at the curb. Our Ticketless System can be used as a robust advertising platform, allowing businesses to send real-time advertisement texts (including videos), helping drive sales to specific stores or promote additional valet services such as car washes or oil changes.

Residential Parking Management

We’re starting to see a new trend in the real estate industry where residential properties are offering valet services for the tenants and their tenants’ guests. This gives the look and feel of full-service hotels, providing a special sense of hospitality.

Valet Descartes believes valet parking for residents should be stress-free, and that’s exactly what we provide. Residents and their guests have the added advantage of using our Ticketless System, allowing them to valet their vehicle using their mobile device.

This amazing valet system has eliminated the need for paper tickets. The entire transaction, from drop-off to vehicle request and payment is done over the phone. It’s a simple yet powerful tool that increases the convenience of valet parking.