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Ticketless System

Valet Descartes’ Ticketless Valet System is very simple to use. We believe it will change the way guests valet. When a guest arrives at the valet station, the valet asks for their mobile number. Once their mobile number is entered by the valet, the guest will receive a welcome text along with a link to request their vehicle when they’re ready. When the guest is ready to leave, they simply click the link.

Easy-to-follow instruction guide the guest through the entire process. Once they click on the link sent to them via text, they are taken to the Valet System’s main screen. They’re given the option to pay or request their vehicle. They even have the option to choose where they will pick up their vehicle. All from the convenience of their mobile device.

How the First Ticketless Valet System Works

5 Easy Steps

No tickets. No hassle.

Easy for your guests to use. It will change the way your guests valet.

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Step 1

Check In

Guest arrives and provides valet with a mobile number when dropping off their vehicle.

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Step 2


Guest receives Welcome Text Message with instructions on how to request their vehicle.

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Step 3


Guest initiates the vehicle request as instructed when ready for their vehicle.

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Step 4


Guest has the option to pay by phone in advance.

Step 5

Check Out

Guest presents digital ticket to valet.

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